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1. Vectors
01. Vector addition (Triangle method)
02. Vector addition (Parallelogram method)
03. Vector addition is Commutative
04. Vector addition is Associative
05. Vector addition (Component method)
06. Vector addition is Independent of Order
07. Vector negation
08. Vector subtraction
09. Vector subtraction is nonCommutative
10. Vector dissociation (General)
11. Vector dissociation (Normal)
12. Vector resultant
13. Product of Scalar with Vector
14. Dot product
15. Cross product
16. Cartisian system of Vectors
17. Magnitude of addition v/s Angle between Vectors
18. Cross product in three dimensions
19. Test Vector addition & Subtraction
2. Kinematics
01. Displacement
02. s-t, v-t and a-t graph for motion in 1 D
03. v-t to s-t and a-t graph
04. Chase
05. Converging triangle problem
06. Converging Polygon
07. Projectile (Horizontal & Vertical component)
08. Projectile (Stepwise)
09. Projectile (Angle and velocity of projection)
10. Relative velocity
11. Boat in a River (Standerd cases)
12. Boat in a River (Change angle and velocity)
13. Rising balloon problem
3. Dynamics
01. Motion of centre of mass
02. Movabel pulley with one end of thread fixed
03. Movabel pulley with both ends of thread free
04. Block on a movabel Wedge
05. Contact constraint explained
06. Two body system (spring block system)
07. Circular motion with massless rigid rod
08. Soft head-on Collision
09. Cases of head-on Collision
10. Head-on Collision (Chose velocities & e)
11. Oblique Collision
12. Particles under central Force
13. One Particle under central Force
14. Recoil of cannon
4. Rotation
01. Rotating Rod (about end)
02. Rotating Rod (about mid point)
03. Rotating Ring (about diameter)
04. Rotating Disk (about diameter)
05. Rotating Square
06. Collision of particle with Rod
07. Pure Rolling and Friction
5. General Physics
01. Funcition Plotter
02. Kepler's Laws
03. Orbital motion under Gravity
6. Oscillation
01. Simple Pendulum
02. Oscillation of Spring
03. Circular motion & SHM
04. Projection of circular Motion as SHM
05. Superposition of two Oscillations in one D
06. Phasor
07. Coupled Oscillation
08. Damped Oscillation

09. Lissazu's figures
10. Foucault's Pendulum
7. Waves
01. Longitudeanl wave Propagation
02. Transverse wave Propagation
03. Long. & Trans waves
04. Phase shift in waves
05. Path and phase difference
06. Interference (waves)
07. Two source interference

08. Beats (Superposition)
09. Superposition with different freq.
10. Beats (Audio)
11. Modes of vibrations
12. Interference of Ripples
13. Source in motion
14. Reflection from fixed end
15. Reflection from free end
16. Stationary Waves
17. Superposition of two pulses
18. Harmonics
19. Doppler's effect (moving source)
20. Wave pulse
8. Heat & Thermodynamics
01. Carnot Cycle
02. Molecules in a Container
03. Two stroke engine
04. Four stroke engine
05. Spectral distribution of black body Radiation
9. Electricity
01. Coulomb's law
02. Electric Field of Point charge

03. Electric Field of Point charge_2
04. Electric Polarization
05. Electric dipole in uniform Electric field
06. Electric field due to dipole
07. Electric field due to Charge on a Straight line
08. Electric field due to Charge on an Arc
09. Electric field due to Charge on a Ring
10. Electric field at the axis of a charged Ring
11. Charging a Capacitor
12. Gausess's theorem (point)
13. Gausess's theorem (line)
14. Van D Graph Generator
15. Electric Field Lines

16. Color code  for carbon resister
17. Electric Displacement
10. Magnetism 01. Earth's Magnetic field
02. Magnetic field of long straight wire
03. Magnetic Field at the axis of a current carying Ring
04. Charge particle in Mag. field_1
05. Charge particle in Mag. field_2
06. Hellical Motion_1
07. Hellical Motion_2
08. Cycloid
09. Charge particle in Electric and Mag. Field
10. Force b/w two parallel current carying wires
11. Cyclotron
12. DC Motor
13. AC Generator
14. R, L or C AC circuit
15. LCR circuit
16. Electromagnetic Waves
17. LC Oscillations
18. AC Power
19. Transformer
11. Optics 01. Reflection on Plane Mirror (Movable object)
02. Rotate Plane Mirror
03. Plane Mirror 3D
04. Images between two inclined plane mirrors
05. Concave mirror (Standerd cases)
06. Concave mirror (Dragable Object)
07. Convex mirror (Standerd cases)

08. Convex mirror (Dragable Object)
09. Curved mirror (Movable Object)
10. Refraction
11. Refraction on Plane surface (Deviation)
12. Curved Surface (Movable Object)
13. Concave lens (Standered cases)
14. Concave lens (Dragable Object)
15. Convex lens (Standered cases)
16. Convex lens (Dragable Object)
17. Refraction on Lenses (Movable Object)
18. Prism
19. Teliscope
20. Microscope
21. Spherical Abration
22. Hyugen's theory (Reflection)
23. Hyugen's theory (Refraction)
24. Defraction
25. Effect on Defraction
26. Young's double slit experimen
27. Color Adder
28. Color Subtractor
29. Poraroid
30. Circular Polarization
Reflection on Plane Mirror (Movable object))
Concave mirror (Standerd cases)es)
Concave mirror (Dragable Object)
Convex mirror (Standerd cases)

Convex mirror (Dragable Object)
Curved mirror (Movable Object)
Refraction on Plane surface (Deviation)
Curved Surface (Movable Object)
Concave lens (Standered cases)
Concave lens (Dragable Object)
Convex lens (Standered cases)
Convex lens (Dragable Object)
Refraction on Lenses (Movable Object)
Displacement Method
Hyugen's theory (Reflection)
Hyugen's theory (Refraction)
Young's experimen
12. Modern Physics & Electronicsics 01. Classical model of atom
02. Common Emitter Amplifier Decay
03. AND Gate
04. OR Gate
05. NOT Gate
06. Radio active Decay
07. Photoelectric Effect

08. Electron as a Wave in its Orbit
09. Half Wave Rectifier
10. Full Wave Rectifier
13. Communication 01. Amplitude Modulation
02. Frequency Modulation
03. Square Wave (Fourier sum)
14. Experiments 01. Vernier Calipers
02. Screw Gauge
03. Internal Resistance of a Cell
04. Resistance of a resistance wire by V-I plot
05. Meter Bridge
06. Potentiometer
07. Post Office Box
08. u,v, f method
09. Displacement Method
15. Misc. 01. Simple Cubic
02. Body Centred Cubic
03. Face Centred Cubic
04. Hexagonal Closed Pack
05. Unit Cell of Simple Cubic
06. CH4
07. Six sided dice
08. Diamond
09. Electric Bell
10. Lens Effect
11. Balloon with elastic rope
12. SPDT Switch for stair light

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